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Minnesota fishing guide for Crappies, Panfish, Northern Pike, Bass, Catfish, Walleyes, Muskies and Multispecies.  Fishing Fish Lake Reservoir, Swan Lake, Upper St. Louis River, Lake Vermilion, Big Sandy Lake, and many others.

Minnesota fishing guide service photos of fishing trips.  Minnesota fishing for crappies, bluegills, walleyes, pike, muskies, catfish, multispecies, ice fishing and year round fishing guide.

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Steve Ondrus - multispecies, bass, walleye, pike, crappie, etc. - Duluth MN area fishing guide 




Minnesota Fishing Guide photos
Carlton Minnesota fishing guide, Carlton county fishing for bass, northern pike, crappies, bluegills, catfish, etc
Master Angler Bass caught on a Carlton County Lake. 

Carlton Minnesota fishing guide, Carlton county fishing for bass, northern pike, crappies, bluegills, catfish, etc
We caught a lot of fish and everyone had a great time.

Minnesota Crappie Fishing Guide, crappies in MyFishingCaddy, great for handling crappies in a livewell.
Crappies in MyFishCaddy.  Great for numbers of crappies in a livewell.


The Minnesota Fishing Guide

Minnesota Fishing Guides

Steve Ondrus - Esko, Minnesota - Steve's Bio

COMBINED FISHING EXPERIENCE:   We have over 60 years of experience fishing for all types of fish from walleyes, northern pike, musky, crappies, panfish, everything right up thru smelt, suckers and roughfish.  We can be found online on lots of websites and in many local competitions.  Just do a search online and you will see that we have been promoting fishing for years.  We all love the sport of fishing and sharing it with others. 


We have fished hundreds of tournaments for bass, walleyes, multispecies, crappies, catfish, and won many.  These tournamants include events by the Ultimate Angler Bass, World Walleye Association (WWA), North American Walleye Association (NAWA), ALS Walleye Contest, UAC BASS Club, Congress Walleye Tournament, MLS Walleye Contest, Duluth Area Bass League, Duluth Area Fishing League, Cloquet Area Fishing League, Angler Insider Bass League, the Minnesota Multispecies Tournament Series and many others. 

We support and run many Take-a-Kid Fishing Events, to get kids into our sport.  We also work with the DNR and Fisheries Departments with studies to help anyway we can.  

Click for more details on our Take-a-Kid Fishing Events and Helping the DNR.  

  Minnesota Fishing Guide - Doug Pirila

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Currently guiding the Duluth Minnesota area including: Proctor, Cloquet, Carlton, Hermantown, Moose Lake, Barnum and Duluth lakes.  We are all local anglers and fishing competitors in the Duluth Minnesota area, just minutes from fishing opportunities and are out fishing all the lakes and competitions to keep on top of the fishing.  So if you're in the Duluth area and want a Fishing Guide, just drop us an email. 

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