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Minnesota fishing guide for Crappies, Panfish, Northern Pike, Bass, Catfish, Walleyes, Muskies and Multispecies.  Fishing Fish Lake Reservoir, Swan Lake, Upper St. Louis River, Lake Vermilion, Big Sandy Lake, and many others.

Minnesota fishing guide service photos of fishing trips.  Minnesota fishing for crappies, bluegills, walleyes, pike, muskies, catfish, multispecies, ice fishing and year round fishing guide.

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Steve Ondrus - multispecies, bass, walleye, pike, crappie, etc. - Duluth MN area fishing guide 



Kids love fishing too.  All kids need is a tug on the end of the line, keep it fun.

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Guides by lake


Duluth - North East Minnesota area
Grand Rapids - Central Minnesota
Minneapolis / St. Paul - East Central
Rush City - East Central Minnesota


Big Sandy Lake 
Big Winnie 
Fish Lake Reservoir
Forest Lake 
Island Lake Reservoir (Duluth) 
Island Lake (Moose Lake)  
Lake Minnetonka 
Lake Vermilion 
Mille Lacs
Pokegama Lake
Sturgeon Lake (Sturgeon Lake)
.. and many more...


Lower St. Louis River  
Upper St. Louis River 
Upper Mississippi River (Grand Rapids)


Minnesota Fishing Links

Minnesota Fishing Forums - forums loaded with Minnesota anglers

MN Fly Fishing - great Minnesota fly fishing information

Minnesota Fishing Leagues - a great source of Minnesota fishing reports, tips and tricks

Minnesota DNR- Minnesota State Dept of Natural Resources.

Minnesota Fishing Regulations

Minnesota Lake Finder - Great MN DNR tool showing information on lakes, fish, surveys, stockings, etc.

Duluth Bass Club - DuluthBass.org - Open bass fishing events, and options to fish B.A.S.S. and have a chance to compete and goto the Bassmasters.

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Minnesota Fishing Links

These links are all great fishing sites with fishing information, fishing guides and everything to do with Minnesota fishing. They have every kind of fishing information from possible fishing guides for hire, current fishing reports, fishing leagues, fishing tournaments, lake maps, contact information for local anglers, etc. Anything that could help improve your odds for catching more fish when you come to Minnesota.

Minnesota Fishing guides, resorts, fishing leagues, Minnesota fishing trips


NEW ARTICLE:  High Speed Trolling for Pike by Chuck Bailey at CrankbaitCentral.com

Minnesota Fishing Information:

Minnesota DNR Regulations

Minnesota Fishing Seasons

BUY a Minnesota Fishing License

Minnesota Lake Finder

Minnesota Fishing Leagues - bass and multispecies fishing leagues

Minnesota Fly Fishing - MN Fly Fishing

Multispecies Fishing Leagues and info

Duluth BASS Club

Midwest Extreme Outdoors


Minnesota Fishing Guides for hire:

Family Fishing Guides

Fishing Guides and Resorts

Everything Outdoors Guide Service


Other Fishing Guides for hire:

Hayward Wisconsin Muskie Fishing Guide

Hayward Wisconsin Muskie Fishing Guides

Midwest Fishing Guides 

Outdoor-ventures, fishing and hunting guides

Wisconsin Walleye Fishing Guide - Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin


Fishing Bait Shops / Stores:

Hawg Hunter Tackle .com - Custom hand poured soft plastic baits, tubes, worms, creatures for fishing bass.  Custom made lures for muskie, walleye, pike, lake trout, and bass fishing.  Custom walleye spin harnesses, live bait rigs, lead head jigs, and bass fishing jigs.  GREAT DEALS.  BUILD YOUR OWN SECRET BAITS. 

Tackle The Outdoors .com - Fishing lures, equipment for fishing bass, muskie, walleye, crappie and ice fishing.

Marine General - Everything for fishing and the outdoors including bilge pumps, aerators, lures, depth finders, gps units, side imaging and boat repair. 

Inhaler Lures - Muskie bucktails and lures. 

Dixie Dancer Spinnerbaits - Bass spinner baits and buzz baits used by bass tournament anglers.

Lakco Ice Fishing - Ice fishing gear, lures and ice fishing jigs.  Everything needed for ice fishing and darkhouse spearing. 

Canoeing Accessories - canoe motor mounts and accessories for canoeing. 

Custom Poured Baits - you can create your own secret bass baits or soft plastic baits here. 

Secrets Bait .com  - pick the style of bait, the color, length, glitters, scents, etc.  Awesome way to have an edge in a tournament or your favorite lake.  

Fish Trough .com - special fish troughs and bump sticks that are great for any tournament, fishing club and league event. 

LFR Jigs .com - bass fishing jigs, wacky, shakey heads, tube jigs, and more. 

Local Lodging:

Canal Park Hotels, Duluth, Minnesota (MN)  -  Our goal is to provide the best options for your hotel stay in the beautiful northern areas of Duluth, Minnesota (MN)

Businesses helping fishing guides and anglers:

Website designers that help Fishing Guides get online and more bookings.  They have great references and all their fishing guides are successfully booking more trips.

So if you are a Minnesota Fishing Guide and want more bookings, sales and new customers?  Or need help getting your website in the Search Engines for Fishing and the Outdoors - Fishing Webmaster has the Search Engine Specialists that can help. 

Wisconsin Hunting Preserve - Wisconsin Hunting Lodge - Wisconsin Trophy Deer Hunting


Minnesota Fishing Prints
Lake Superior prints  -  Fishing Prints and Artwork    

Minnesota Outdoor Prints 
Camping Prints and ArtCanoeing Prints and Art     

Getting Kids Outdoors

Here are some groups we work with to help get kids and adults outdoors and fishing.

LGFWSDuluth - Let's Go Fishing With Seniors, Duluth Minnesota Chapter.

North Country Ride - offering therapeutic horse back riding.

REA3D.com - Proctor Rails Endowment for Academic, Art, and Athletic Development

Take-a-Kid Fishing events - We also organize, coordinate and participate in many Take-a-Kid Fishing events, at least two a year.  It's great to be able to introduce and get kids out fishing.

We work with the YWCA, YMCA, and several schools.  Our Take-a-Kid Fishing events are so popular with the kids, we're told it's the most requested trip by students and many teachers as well.  We're glad to help. 

Casting Kids events - as part of the Minnesota B.A.S.S. Federation Nation, we are lucky to have access to the Casting Kids equipment and targets, so we set up at least one event a year during the Proctor Hogshead event.  We have done this the last two years and it's been great introducing kids to casting and fishing. 

Reeling in Kids - we gather used fishing rods, reels and equipment, get them repaired, then get good working fishing gear to kids, by working with local Fire Departments, VFWs, American Legions, etc. 


More Minnesota Fishing Guide Sponsors:

Muskie bucktails and lures by Inhaler Muskie Baits
Muskie bucktails and lures.  InhalerLures.com 

Bass spinnerbaits and buzzbaits by Dixie Dancer Lures
Bass fishing spinnerbaits and buzzbaits.

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Ice fishing lures, jigs and gear.  LakcoIceFishing.com

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