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Minnesota fishing guide for Crappies, Panfish, Northern Pike, Bass, Catfish, Walleyes, Muskies and Multispecies.  Fishing Fish Lake Reservoir, Swan Lake, Upper St. Louis River, Lake Vermilion, Big Sandy Lake, and many others.

Minnesota fishing guide service photos of fishing trips.  Minnesota fishing for crappies, bluegills, walleyes, pike, muskies, catfish, multispecies, ice fishing and year round fishing guide.

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Steve Ondrus - multispecies, bass, walleye, pike, crappie, etc. - Duluth MN area fishing guide 


Minnesota's state fish is the walleye.  So here's what the Minnesota Fishing Guides have if you are a walleye angler.  How about a shot at a walleye like this?

Minnesota Fishing Guide Walleye picture.  Fishing in May is awesome for walleyes in rivers.
Big walleyes in spring on rivers, wow..
Let our fishing guides help you do the same.

Minnesota Fishing Guide:

Steve Ondrus


We have a network of fishing guides across Minnesota and Wisconsin and will get you connected to the fishing guide you are looking for.  

Minnesota crappie fishing success for Minnesota fishing guide clients
Awesome crappie fishing is all around us.  Lots of eaters and opportunities for big slabs too.


Fishing Guide Specials

We are specially priced to get anyone out fishing from the single person to family.  

Single parents, grand parents, parents, that want to share fishing with kids check out our 1-person rates, since kids under 16 yr olds fish FREE.

KIDS UNDER 16 FISH FREE!!!  When accompanied by an adult.


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Skin design and build by rhoek.com
Minnesota - land of 10,000 lakes & Fishing Guides = Great Fishing

Welcome to the home of great Minnesota Fishing and the Minnesota Fishing Guide.  Our fishing guide and other recommended fishing guides love getting people out fishing and we can make your fishing trip a success and full of great memories that will keep you coming back to Minnesota to enjoy our many great fishing opportunities. 

Minnesota fishing guide with a nice muskie caught while crappie fishing.  We have lined up only the very best fishing guides around Minnesota.  If we don't have a fishing guide listed for the area or lake you are interested in, just let us know and we'll connect you with a guide service that fits what you are looking for.

Minnesota is a great state for fishing with over 10,000 lakes, and many more rivers, ponds, streams and creeks.  With waters all around us like Fish Lake Reservoir, Boulder Lake, Whiteface Reservoir, Island Lake Reservoir, Swan Lake, Upper St. Louis River, Hill Lake, Lake Vermilion, Big Sandy Lake, Pokegama Lake, Mille Lacs Lake, Lake Superior, and many others, our area near Duluth Minnesota is full of opportunities for all kinds of fishing.  Add in the other fishing guides and our guides cover Minnesota and are the best, most experienced anglers around. 

Great Multispecies Fishing Trips


We have fishing of every kind here and for most fresh water fish species too.  Our fishing guides guide for all Minnesota game fish species in our area including bluegills, perch, crappies, walleyes, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, muskies, catfish, trout, salmon, steelhead, and more.  You could even fish several different fish in a day on a multispecies fishing trip, some of our fishing guides specialize in multispecies fishing trips.  Our waters are known around the world for great freshwater fishing and we can show you a great day of fishing. 

Our fishing guides can tailor your fishing trip to what you are looking for.  Whether you are looking for a family fishing trip, parent child outing, multispecies fishing trip, bass fishing trip, a catfishing trip, or a shot at a big fish, we can help.  Just email or call and we'll help get you out with one of our fishing guides. 

We want to make sure you make the most of your fishing experiences the next time you come to Minnesota or get out in our wonderful state.  


Minnesota Fishing Guide

Minnesota Fishing Links

Minnesota Fishing Forums - forums loaded with Minnesota anglers

MN Fly Fishing - great Minnesota fly fishing information

Minnesota Fishing Leagues - a great source of Minnesota fishing reports, tips and tricks

Minnesota DNR- Minnesota State Dept of Natural Resources.

Minnesota Fishing Regulations

Minnesota Lake Finder - Great MN DNR tool showing information on lakes, fish, surveys, stockings, etc.

Duluth Bass Club - DuluthBass.org - Open bass fishing events, and options to fish B.A.S.S. and have a chance to compete and goto the Bassmasters.

Contact Minnesota Fishing Guide .com if you have a link with good information to share by email: steve@minnesotafishingguide.com


Guiding Specials

We are specially priced to get anyone out fishing from the single person to family.  

Single parents, grand parents, parents, that want to share fishing with kids check out our 1-person rates, since kids under 16 yr olds fish FREE.

Skin design and build by rhoek.com
Skin design and build by rhoek.com

Largemouth bass fishing success by Minnesota fishing guide.

Great Bass Fishing Opportunities
Minnesota's fishing secret is that it has some great fishing for largemouth bass.  Minnesota lakes have both quality and quantity when it comes to bass, both smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.  You have to fish it with someone that knows it to see what the quality really is.  We hope you try it.

Check out this largemouth bass caught on a small lake in Northeast Minnesota.

Minnesota Fishing Guide client with a great bag of Largemouth Bass.
Largemouth are in many Minnesota waters and in very catchable numbers and great average sizes. 

Minnesota Smallmouth Bass fishing is awesome.
Minnesota Smallmouth Bass Fishing can be awesome.


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